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La's holy symbol by Vutava La's holy symbol :iconvutava:Vutava 0 0
Tempest's School Days part 8
     Luckily, Tempest’s parents had only added an extra two days to her grounding for the afterschool storm incident. With her additional penance come and gone, Tempest intended to spend all Saturday with her friends. Since they all lived at the dorms, she figured that would be the first place to look.
     Darksun glanced back into his dorm, a calculating look on his face.
     “I really do have to finish that history report, but… Oh, what the hay. It’s nothing I can’t put off ‘til later.”
     Tempest wondered at the paradoxical emotions Darksun’s response triggered, but shut down that self-examination before it went too far in any uncomfortable directions.
     “Um, okay. Let’s go grab the others,” Tempest said hurriedly once her brain started working again.
     They found Sissi in her room,
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Tempest's 5 Core Emotions by Vutava Tempest's 5 Core Emotions :iconvutava:Vutava 1 0 Rockslide by Vutava Rockslide :iconvutava:Vutava 2 2 Twister by Vutava Twister :iconvutava:Vutava 1 0 Twilight Dancer by Vutava Twilight Dancer :iconvutava:Vutava 2 0
Tempest's School Days part 7
    “Why do you keep treating these other ponies like equals? If you do not prove your superiority, others will walk all over you,” the ghost of Thyella, the former Storm Queen, queried, frustration evident in her tone.
    Tempest groaned. She had to get home before her new curfew (which had her plenty annoyed already), and she really didn’t want to have this argument again. She chose to vocally express her displeasure.
    “It feels like we have this discussion every Faust-cursed day, and I’m sick of it. Every time I act the tiniest bit like a real person, you get on my case about being ‘weak’. Every. Single. Time.”
    Before she could continue her rant, though, Tempest was interrupted by Darksun’s arrival.
    “Hallo, Tempest!” he said, grinning.
    Beside him, she could see the spectral form of Whitelight. Unlike his brother, he was not smiling. Instead, h
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Thyella by Vutava Thyella :iconvutava:Vutava 0 0
Tempest's School Days part 6
Struggling to fall asleep, Tempest thought about just how kind her friends had been to her. They’d been so accepting, always willing to talk when she needed it. Darksun had even come looking for her in the forest! They’d opened their hearts and shared secrets, and all the while Tempest had held back, keeping hers locked away. It wasn’t fair. They deserved to know the truth, especially now that Darksun had found the circle. I think it’s time to tell somepony. All of it.
Tempest managed to catch Darksun on the way to school and gave him the note she’d written the previous night before racing off to class: “There are some things I need to tell you. I won’t have time after school, so it’ll have to be during lunch.” She slipped identical notes into two lockers on her way.
Once Sissi, Darksun, and Val had all joined her under one of the big trees in the yard, Tempest began, “I’ve already told most of this story to Sissi
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Tempest's School Days part 5
After renewing her fog bank, Tempest sat down and replayed the events that led to her self-imposed exile for the umpteenth time.
“I truly do not understand you sometimes,” said the Storm Queen.
“Huh?” Tempest grunted in reply, only half listening.
“You proved your superiority and had your inferiors cowering in terror, yet you ran and hid. Why did you not use this newfound respect to begin building your power base?”
“Power base?! You really don’t understand me, do you? I’m sick of listening to you constantly trying to turn me into some kind of tyrant. Leave me alone.”
“I am only trying-”
“Leave. Me. Alone,” Tempest interrupted, eyes blazing.
“As you command,” the Storm Queen answered with a sneer, before fading away.
Some time later, after a lot of emotion-bottling, Tempest heard hoofsteps. Who could possibly be out in the fogged part of the woods?
“Tempest? Is that
:iconvutava:Vutava 1 4
Tempest's School Days part 4
“Wake up, sweetie. You don’t want to miss your favorite subject, do you?”
It took a few moments for these words to penetrate Tempest’s sleepy mind, but once they did she jolted awake.
“That’s today?!”
“Yes, dear. I hear you’ll be exploring the woods for your field trip today,” her mother replied.
Tempest was glad her mother couldn’t hear the obscenities she was screaming in her head.
“You don’t look as happy as I thought you’d be. Are you all right?”
“IjustrememberedsomethingIhavetodofirst!” Tempest called back as she raced down the stairs and out of the house.
After a cursory glance to see if anyone was watching, Tempest galloped down her secret path. When she reached the standing stones, she had to wait for her heart to stop trying to escape her chest. All right. Fog. Fog should be easy. She glanced at the sunny sky above the trees. I hope. Taking some deep breaths, she
:iconvutava:Vutava 0 8
Tempest's School Days part 3
As usual, class failed to keep Tempest’s attention and she found herself staring out the window instead. Her mind wandered back to the end of her dream that morning. When the lunch bell rang, she headed off to the cafeteria on autopilot. She was so wrapped up in her own thoughts that she didn’t even notice the crystal pegasus until they had already collided.
“Oops!” the other pony exclaimed.
“Hey! Watch where you’re going!” Tempest snapped back. She immediately regretted her tone and began to gather up her books.
“Sorry, I didn’t…” he started to apologize.
Desperate to leave before making matters worse, Tempest interrupted with a “Whatever,” and raced off.
It was only after sitting down in the cafeteria that she noticed the chain of a necklace sticking out of her books. Her head hit the table. Great. Now, not only will he think I’m rude, he’ll think I’m a thief, too. I’d better find
:iconvutava:Vutava 2 1
Tempest's Second Day
Tempest’s second day began slightly better than her first, largely due to her new choice of route. Classes blurred together, finally interrupted by the lunch bell. As she headed off to the cafeteria, a loud voice caught her attention.
“Gaah! Wait up!” A tall dark brown mare with an odd tail came bounding up behind her. She looked like she had something important to say, so Tempest waited for her to catch her breath. When she had, she opened her mouth before her eyes drifted off to Tempest’s storm cloud and ended up starting with, “Ooh, is that a cloud?” She reached out to touch it.
“No! Don’t touch it!” Tempest magically grabbed the other pony’s hoof before it got too close. In a gentler tone, she added, “It’s dangerous. Depending on the day, you could get a really bad shock. Did you have something important to talk to me about?”
The brown pony blinked for a moment before suddenly exclaiming, “Oh yeah!
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Storm Queen by Vutava Storm Queen :iconvutava:Vutava 2 0 Floral Cheer by Vutava Floral Cheer :iconvutava:Vutava 1 0 Clever Gear by Vutava Clever Gear :iconvutava:Vutava 1 0


Hallucinated Island by JJcanvas Hallucinated Island :iconjjcanvas:JJcanvas 1,318 13 Rise of the Storm by flaviobolla Rise of the Storm :iconflaviobolla:flaviobolla 1,023 29 Schwarzes Auge Cover by flaviobolla Schwarzes Auge Cover :iconflaviobolla:flaviobolla 1,339 31 Ice-Caves by flaviobolla Ice-Caves :iconflaviobolla:flaviobolla 894 13 Bastion of Sun by flaviobolla Bastion of Sun :iconflaviobolla:flaviobolla 1,938 35 Old-Padde by flaviobolla Old-Padde :iconflaviobolla:flaviobolla 1,764 30 Ursus by flaviobolla Ursus :iconflaviobolla:flaviobolla 1,679 32 The Curse of Fire by JJcanvas The Curse of Fire :iconjjcanvas:JJcanvas 1,220 29 City Of Wind And Bones by JJcanvas City Of Wind And Bones :iconjjcanvas:JJcanvas 1,388 24 Vision Of Terror by JJcanvas Vision Of Terror :iconjjcanvas:JJcanvas 3,140 82 The Golden Tree by JJcanvas The Golden Tree :iconjjcanvas:JJcanvas 1,717 29 The Green Fields by JJcanvas The Green Fields :iconjjcanvas:JJcanvas 1,727 28 Origins by JJcanvas Origins :iconjjcanvas:JJcanvas 6,773 144 Optimus v  Megatron by Dan-the-artguy Optimus v Megatron :icondan-the-artguy:Dan-the-artguy 242 22 noctilucent fountain by CosmicUnicorn noctilucent fountain :iconcosmicunicorn:CosmicUnicorn 1,025 33


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John Limbach
United States
Current Residence: Madison, WI
Favourite genre of music: I have very eclectic tastes
Favourite cartoon character: Toph Bei Fong, Raven (Teen Titans)
Lately, I've been participating in a fun creative exercise on a Paizo messageboard: Roll up a random alignment and domains and make a god from the results. If you want to see what we've created, you can see the messageboard here, or the spreadsheet of all the deities so far here.


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